Saturday, May 28, 2022

Already I am 68 years old. My parents made it into their 80s. I have found the reason I keep chugging along.

I never knew that there was a thing called SETH, until I read a book left at my work station in college.

As I get deeper into SETH, I am learning a lot about my inner self, or what I used to call my HIGHER SELF. Not sure I believe everything about it, but the part about controlling our lives rings true.

I have outlived everybody who ever trashed me. Sadly, I have also outlived anyone my age and older who has ever loved me. My children use me as a model for themselves and their grandchildren, however.

My first neurologist told me I had willed myself past the first crisis, and I generally have willed myself along ever since.

But Old Age brings new challenges. I have been hospitalized for systemic infection, started as a UTI. Fortunately, the Covid Crisis made the hospital kick me out as soon as they possibly could.

It is dangerous to ignore my health now, but I have daughters who monitor me, whether I like it not. I also wear an old Fitbit, and a V.Alert should I need it to call the kids. 

BTW, and LOL. I was stricken with the debilitating illness after bedtime, leaving me upstairs; I was too ill to get to the first floor. 

LOL again. I personally wired my home with Simplisafe and put sensors on all the doors. The EMTs had to call the police and fire department to break into my home to rescue me. 

Since I had been sick for hours, I was surprised to see that the entire neighborhood was watching as I came out the front door. The last thing I remember was noting the blue sky, morning sun--and all my neighbors. Then I passed out.

Final LOL. The EMTs couldn't get any info from me. Fortunately, I wear a Medic Alert and they tore the bracelet apart to get at the attached tag. Note to self: let the darned thing jangle: stitching it down tight is no help to First Responders!

My daughters and I were mortified. Hence the V.Alert . It notifies the kids first, then the EMTs

Just a suggestion for those who insist on living at home.

Like me.


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