Monday, September 27, 2010

It's safe to go back to Little Pond

We had an ugly hiatus for a while, after a nasty malware was stuck to Pats Pond.

I cleaned it up and we seem to be back in business.

Rest assured, I will watch carefully for those weird comments that seem to be non-sequitors.

What the frig? Who has nothing but time and the will to ruin other people's sites?

Little Pond

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where's the logic?

What part of "disabled" and "fatigue" is hard to understand?

The amount of paperwork to get here was literally staggering.  I was reeling under the complexity and volume of it all.  Looks like we are settled for a short while, until the next request for medical update.

Now my neighbors want me to doggy-sit for them.  The poor old muck is clearly dying of arthritis and poorly-set broken bones that were hidden by the arthritis or whatever.  This dog needs to be carried everywhere, so it's good thing it weighs only about eight pounds, or about 3.5 kilos.

I still have my granddog three days a week.  The two critters are now in competition for snacks and attention.  Three visits a day for the little rat, for the next three weeks, and Ellie is three days on, four days off.  Husband RJ is working full time, and so expects me to handle it.  He was the one who couldn't say no.  

Now for the kicker:  the dog's owners are both retired on disability, and travel often.  They said (to RJ) that their dog doesn't like the regular dog sitter any more.

I wish my disability gave me leave to travel all around.  I can't go two hours away, or even more than two hours anywhere close.  Somehow I got the wrong disability.


Little Pond