Saturday, July 31, 2010

My latest therapy

Not that I have much choice.  When Ellie is visiting, we will go out every day, more often than not to the Chemung River.  In bad weather, we go to Elmira College, Eldridge Park or even something closer like Riverview Park in Elmira Downtown.

I am feeling better every day, but there is so much damage that seems permanent this time around.  The loss of hearing is worse, the ringing in the ears is the worst I've ever seen (and I've seen some tough stuff), weakness on the left side is worrisome.  And over all of it is a killer fatigue.

But I have come back before, and I will again.  It took time, and this will, too.

I will survive.

Little Pond

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too Tall?

It's the big day.  Neuro followup visit.

I have a huge packet of forms for them to fax to Aetna.  Gannett insists I apply for longterm coverage.  Apparently, they--and only they--get to decide whether or not I retire.

Here is my list of observances.  I hate to call them complaints:

  • half deaf, left side; tinnitus right side
  • numbness up to knees, but some feeling in toes
  • clumsy hands
  • nap every afternoon, but poor sleep at night
  • no strength in arms.  Just enough to pick up the baby!
  • poor balance.  I feel "too tall" for my height, for goodness sakes.
  • forgetful and stupid
  • too tired to walk more than 20 mins
  • can't style hair (hair or arms?  your call)
  • incontinent
Let's see how it all shakes out.

Little Pond

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"It just exploded!"

I'm back from Walmart, ready to replace the shower head.

This morning, Husband RJ came downstairs mumbling about the shower head, how it was spraying all over the place.  I had just "repaired" it with electrical tape, hoping to delay a trip out for a new one.

While not exactly admitting to damaging the thing, he did say he dropped it onto the side of the bathtub at one time.  The attachement was cracked right at the coupling to the hose.

No problem,  I simply taped it securely, making it useful until we could get to Walmart for a new one.

So why is this posted to the MS Companion?

Well, I forgot.

I forgot that as an MSer, I shower in only slightly warm water.  Many women I know will also shower in slightly warm water.  Just warm enough to be comfortable.  The head gave me no problem.

I forgot that Husband RJ fills the entire upstairs with fog when he showers.

He apparently turned the hot on fully, then adjusted the temperature with the cold water.  Then he pulled the diverter.  Apparently the shower head lifted itself out of its fixture and exploded on its way down to the floor of the tub!  The remaining hose snaked and swirled all over the stall, squirting in every direction.

God I wish I had been there to see it all!

Little Pond

Friday, July 09, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

We are now on Disability.  More details later.  At present, I am weathering the heat wave.

Out to the river before 8 AM.  Resting in a cooled house most of the day.  I hope to go to the grocery store later, when we are expecting rain.

Yesterday, I went for groceries at 6AM.  Good thing, too.  It was sweltering and suffocating both.

Little Pond