Monday, July 06, 2015

Well, we seem to have sorted out most of my physical troubles.  But I still have MS and I still have reflux and pain in my duodenum (upper gut). 

It's six am and I have been awake since four.  It's my own fault, because I ate hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.  I feel like my fingers turned into the hot dogs.

Today I will return to my low sodium diet with a vengeance.  Watch out, zucchinis!

Helpful tip:  it's easier to take the time to put on those nail gel tips, than to try to use nail polish.  And they last a good week or so.  Just be sure to massage them after dishwashing or showering.  I use a towel.

Also, if your doctor warns you about gaining weight with MS, take it to heart.  Put on about 10 pounds this last winter, and can hardly climb stairs, even while dragging myself up by the arms.

Love the way the fat fills in the wrinkles on my face, though.