Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Remission. Not!

Just went one round with the dentist recently.  He wants to crown a broken molar, and I want to let it go.  My teeth are finally beginning to crack, and will all need some work soon, too.
I figure I'm good for only about another 10 years at best.  They say that the average age of death for MSers is about 62-65.  The dentist said I was in remission, right?  Wrong.  I'm exhausted/weepy all the time, and my legs are numb to the knees, the hands to the wrists.  My face is numb on the left side and my vision is deteriorating.
No doubt, some of that is old age, but remission it is not.  The only reason I don't beg for Solumedrol, is that I hate the mess it makes of me, and I am still living with the side effects of the last dose two years ago.  Tinnitus anyone?  Both ears.  Sounds like the refridgerator is running in over drive.  When I am outside, it sounds like we live in a factory town.  I know, because I grew up near a factory and worked in them for years while going to college.
But I digress.  Back to the oral deterioration.
At the same time, Husband RJ broke a front tooth.  As Mr. Commisioner, he sometimes has to be on television, so he will need a temporary for the gap and a bridge afterwards.
So I was telling the dentist that I didn't want to be bothered, but he talked me into it when he promised to finance it a few months.  I, too, will get a temporary crown, but all told we are talking only 850.00.  RJ's work will probably require a loan!
Yeah.  THAT kind of expensive.  After all, it requires an extraction, a temporary, and a bridge.
He won't go without a temporary, even though it's a bottom tooth.  Gotta let him go for the whole package, because it will be murder to even get him to do THAT.
He already has a mouth full of bridges.  One bridge was the experimental Maryland Bonded Bridge, back in the early 1980's before bonding was mainstream.  It has lasted all these years, and is a beauty.  Four front uppers.  They would still be shiny and bright if he didn't smoke so much.
My teeth look good, but hurt most of the time.  I am a grinder, or at least a clencher, at night.  I keep forgetting to ask the dentist for an appliance.  Maybe I'll just pick up something from Walmart.
Seriously.  They seem to have everything else there.
Little Pond