Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Husband RJ spent the entire weekend, including Monday, working at this computer. See, for the Chemung County Planning Department, Advent is simply the season when the County dumps on them all the paperwork that the other departments were too slow or incompetent to complete themselves.

At least that is how it looks to me. RJ is an excellent writer of grants, proposals, voucher requests, etc. They turn to him in the absolute drop-dead situations.

Because he can do it, get it done, and deliver on time. So every Advent is totally destroyed for him, year after year. He gnaws at himself until he squeezes out what they want.

And they know it, the jerks.

As for me, well, my breather comes for a different reason.

MSG poisoning. I stupidly ate high protein snack bars, instead of my beloved chocolate. Almost anything high protein, especially goosed-up high protein, contains isolates and hydrolyzed or autolyzed proteins, and lets not forget the caseinates. Some pretty high falutin names for what is essentially MSG.

The results: headache, nausea, cramps and some deadly--and not silent--episodes of bodily indiscretion. Finally, it is all followed by a few cleansing hours close to the porcelain facility.

All better today, except for a touch of nausea, and a little soreness all through the alimentary canal and its environs, if you catch my drift. (If you were around Sunday night you certainly would have caught it...)

So I still need to stay close to home. So let's terrorized the pets with the vacuum, broom and dustmop.

Little Pond

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Can't believe there are so many snow-phobic people out there. The stuff is all gone now, and the sun has graced my morning of T-day preps.

More photoblogging tomorrow.

Little Pond

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007


This is the last day of my vacation. I finished nearly everything on my to-do list. Didn't run around much, except for two lunches with my daughters, the MammaDog and VeggiGirl.

And I napped nearly every day.

So why am I still tired? Why do I still need to nap every day?

Back to work Monday. I'm still not sure if the Star-Gazette has the right to cancel all vacations taken at Thanksgiving week. After all, it was a concession to my disability. But the word that came down the pipe was that we needed every available body this week.

So the complications are arising. I must prepare for Thanksgiving every single morning this week, and still go to work that night. And for starters, Monday is Budget Day, at least three hours' work in the morning.

That leaves my inlaws at the mercy of my daughters. They want to help, but are very new to all this hostessing stuff. They want and need my help. I will barely have the energy to cook a tiny turkey breast Thursday. WE are definitely not hosting anything.

Hope I can help.

Little Pond

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MDMHVONPA asks: Any ice ... yet?

Rest assured that should we have ice and snow, there will be photos!!!

We are up to our tushes in raking right now. Raking is a good chore for MSers, this one at least. We can lean on our rake and improve our upper body strength.

Of course, what with the changeable weather, we are also experiencing gusty winds here in the Twin Tiers. Which is to say that most of the leaves are being blown back into the areas just raked.

Husband RJ doesn't rake. He mows and blows them. Our back yard has a man-made hill of clippings and leaves. The City of Elmira will pick up leaves, but only when they get around to it. Otherwise, we skirt huge frozen piles of them all winter...

We are expecting winter weather this week. Watch this space.

Little Pond

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Finally got a fully night's sleep.

I literally cannot remember the last time I slept through the night.

Minus, of course the requisite two trips to the bathroom.

Now I need to return to my blogging.

Here is my first visit to the trails on the Southside of the Chemung River.

In three years, I have gone from indifference that bordered on fearful dislike to head over heels in love with our little waterway.

Little Pond