Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bet you recognized the symptoms!

My last illness was apparently something that was going around the East Coast.  Everyone I know got at least a touch of it, and it is still making the rounds.

Right after I recovered, my little Ellie dog got very sick and I was afraid we would lose her.  She wound up a day and a half in the hospital on IV antiobiotics.  She came home to boiled chicken and rice: her new staple in our household.  No more treats (except to cozen down a pill) and very few chewies.

I am better, but of course I am still tired.  Running nose makes me a disgusting thing to have to kiss, poor RJ.  This spring my trips to the river are shorter:  entire trip out and home cannot take more than an hour or so.  Housekeeping is also curtailed.  I spend the usual two hours sleeping in the middle of the day, and find I cannot take on any work or visit, or whatever, in the afternoon.  Nights, I use the recumbent bicycle to play games for about an hour, then I turn couch-potato another hour before bed.

No idea whatsoever about my weight, cholesterol, bone density.  All things will be revealed in the next five weeks, starting Friday.

I am no fun.  Even alcohol has been reduced to an occasional vodka and veggie juice.  Triple distilled vodka at that.  I used to drink only Dewars and soda water, but I've learned that I can expect burning in my bladder and urethra when I do that.  Sheeeeesh!

Did I mention that wine puts me right to sleep and beer gives me reflux and gas?  God help me, I can only drink Rolling Rock: so I don't bother.

Bottom line:  Ellie and I visit three days a week, on restricted diets and activity.  We still get out to the river, but back home by 11AM for light lunch and naps.  I'm okay, but always tired, lame, and cranky.

How could I ever return to work?

Little Pond