Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day One of Wellness

So far.

Over a week ago I picked up a bug from Heaven-knows-where.  No one around me was ailing, and no one picked it up from me afterwards.

The very first sign came after an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds.  Up it came in two hours.  My stomach was lousy from then on.

Low-grade fever, minor nausea, headache, and just a touch of intestinal distress:  I was guessing at first that I got into some MSG.  Good way to get really sick, for me any time.  On the other hand, I had prepared any food I ate, except for that made by my daughters.  They are well aware of the allergy, and have food issues of their own.

Monosodium Glutanate can come disguised as yeast extract, various vegetable isolates,  almost anything hydrolysed, and I think, other processes commonly used by food packagers.  They are all flavor enhancers, and most people tolerate them very well.  "If it tastes good, spit it out!"

But it wasn't MSG poisoning.  I was exhausted, barely able to do anything for even an hour at a time.  Exercise was not possible for most of the past week, and walking the dog put me on the couch for the next few hours.

During the entire time, any high fiber food left me in danger of--God forbid--a bowel accident.  And I couldn't "trust a fart" as was so well put by Jack Nicholson in "The Bucket List."  The headache became apparent just as soon as I began my yoga upon rising in the morning.

I could eat, so I made a chicken broth spiced with fresh ginger, adding rice or vegetables on whatever day I could manage to keep them down.  (I finally found a chicken broth with no additives that bother me.  At Aldis.)

I drank chicken broth for three days, slowly moving into my usual cereals.  Then bagels and cream cheese until I could eat chicken.  After that I boldly moved into my usual diet.

All with mixed results.  It was surely some sort of virus, so by the fifth day, I just began my usual routines, only avoiding people.  I especially skipped a visit with the grandkids.  Nothing changed until this past weekend, when I felt almost normal.

A short walk in Monday's record heat sent me back to the sofa, with acetaminophen for the headache.

Today I feel fine.  I am even going to walk with my daughter and the dogs down at the River.

We shall see how it works.

Little Pond