Friday, January 13, 2012


Life can change in an instant.

VeggieGirl moved back home.  Things just didn't work out with her man.  They are on good terms, though, and I am grateful for that.  I still miss my former SIL, and, well, all the young fellows that used to hang around here.  Guess they are all just surrogate sons to me.

So now we are a much busier household.  TWO dogs and FOUR cats.  Photos here.  VG's dog Frankie is a rescue, and we can see why.  A barker.  It's taken me a week to teach him to stop when I command it.  That means there are two dogs (HuggaMutt is also now full time)  that must be calmed and commanded.  We live on a street with a lot of foot traffic:  mostly dog walkers.  I do an awful lot of commanding.

And, yes, I understand that enough exercise will calm them down.  Unfortunately, that is the very thing I cannot offer.  Last year's back injury was caused by dog-walking on ice.  The snow has arrived and the best I can do is to push them out to the back yard.

Thank heavens they have each other for exericse.  I let them romp and tussle;  that sort of noise has never bothered me.  After all, I was raised with five brothers; scuffles were the rule, not the exception.

The cats are pretty much taking care of themselves.  We have a kitty room with two twin beds thrown together and covered in comforters, pillows, throws, and a huge, bean-bag style turtle to use as a bed on the beds.  All behind the security of a baby gate:  it is their haven away from boisterous dogs.

As for me, VG is a cook at the local Soup's On!  This ensures a steady stream of good,  often vegetarian, fare.  We also cook together and for each other.

The only problem now is that I have no time to clean my house.  It will be months before I can get it back to my usual uncluttered, low-allergen norm.  By that time, VG will probably have found a new appartment.

And I will miss her.