Monday, August 18, 2008

who I visit these days

A rundown of my "Mediblogs" bookmarks right now: the same name lightning (as in Pennsyltucky) name crazy chick name name life name

And that's just the MS blogs. Furthermore, I have a tendency to follow links I find on these blogs. Lastly, the blogs on the sidebar, some of which are the same, are the ones I follow when I go to work, during my breaks.

Some of you are old friends; a few are new. I would also like to point out that I lost touch with a number of people when we changed computers ( at least twice). Never quite got the hang of transferring to a new machine.

And that doesn't touch on what I consider daily blogs and blog relatives.

It's a wonder I ever clean my house...

Little Pond

Monday, August 11, 2008

All under control

Dog day doggie paddle. This doxie has rather poor eyesight, and must swim out to things in the water to actually tell what they are. The gurgling caught her attention. The water is probably knee deep, but that's enough for total immersion for this little HuggaMutt.

Still, my allergies are fairly under control. Except. And there is always an except in the summer.

Except the asthma can be heard when I talk. Witness this post set for my Elmira, New York readers, later this week. Hate to hear myself talk, let alone talk and pant.

Little Pond

Monday, August 04, 2008

I am not living this summer, merely reacting.

That's why there hasn't been a truly original post in weeks and weeks.

Multiple Sclerosis can be managed, but cannot be cured. That, too, is a game of reacting, not living.

Every time I try to live, the MS gets in the way. When I properly manage the MS, there is little time for living, and none for living free.

It is the middle of summer and I eagerly await the return of cooler, wetter days. The Dog Days are also Ragweed Days, when many of us wake with stuffy, achy heads, dry cough, and runny eyes and noses. Even my teeth hurt.

Funny story: my teeth hurt so bad one summer, I finally made an emergency visit with the doctor. He looked at my teeth and (I think) took an xray.

Diagnosis: swollen sinuses. That will be $50.00, thank you.

Right now I am preparing to take 4mg of chlorpheniramine maleate, the second of six I will need today. That is on top of 10mg of cetirizine hydrochloride. Neither medicine will elevate my blood pressure. There are also two forms of fluticasone proprionate to juggle. I will still need acetaminophen to help me sleep at noon and later at midnight.

And despite all our best efforts, the albuterol inhaler is getting a workout.

Doesn't sound very spontaneous, does it?

Little Pond