Friday, June 29, 2012

Seventeen Years Ago

Yep.  It was 17 years ago that I was diagnosed.  A lot happened in those years, but one thing remained the same:

Because we were well-insured, our doctor ordered every test under the sun back then.  He even sent me to an Audiologist for my hearing.  I was having an awful time with a very obnoxious tinnitis that deafened me in my left ear.

The Audiologist told me that I suffered a significant loss all right, but not to worry because I had super hearing in my right ear. His advice:  "Don't let anyone sell you a hearing aid for this sort of thing."  End of visit, no sale.

This summer I took my mother in law in for a hearing aids.  We are still working out the bugs, but they certainly help her.  A LOT.

Just for s#its and giggles, I, too, had my hearing tested.  My left ear is noticeably deafer than my right, and as a bonus, each ear has its own tinnitus.

You've probably guessed some of this:  of course they tried to sell me hearing aids.  No sale.

Here's the corker:

My hearing loss is about 25% between the two ears: actually just about normal for a person my age.  But they wanted to sell me hearing aid thats would make their own special buzzing to offset the tinnitus.  They insisted that their "audiologist" recommended it!

End of visit, no sale.

Little Pond

Thursday, June 07, 2012

I gave up

No, not in my fight against the MS.  I gave up trying to find my bikini-line razors.

Thank heavens for Amazon.

I think I may have gotten my first set from Sam's Club, but damned if I can find them at Walmart, Walgreens, RiteAid, or anywhere else around here.

I got sick of searching and went online.

Why so important, just now?

Well, as my readers know, I am not shy about the fact that I shave "down there."  Not just the bikini line, either.  Year-round, regardless of the weather or dress.  Incontinence makes this a necessity.

I can't stand to be "dirty."  Tena just loves me; I am their best customer.  I would rather skip a meal or two than go without a fresh pad.  And the Super-thins are very expensive:  more like a few meals.

When I was amassing all the medical input for the Social Security Disability claim, it was imperative that I establish medical documentation for everything.  Everything.  That led me to the local Urologic Partners in Elmira.

The Assistant at the Urologists noted my freshly-shaven bottom, and mentioned that one of the head honchos there wanted to know why some women shaved.  Obviously a person fond of furry kitties, if you catch my drift.

She was very disappointed to hear my sensible reason.  Apparently she'd been collecting sexier answers from the clientele.  And my guess, although she didn't actually say so, was that most pro-shavers do it for the same reason that Linda Lovelace did.

Not me.  Not now.

Parenthetically, there is a comedienne on Comedy Central who does a who schtick on Brazilian waxing.  One punchline has to do with, "and the lips?" "NO!  No lips, thank you."

Now that really gives me the shivers!  I had to get drunk just to wax my legs, and I gave up on my underarms decades ago.  Same for the Epilady, which left me vulnerable to ingrown hairs in a week or two. 

I reiterate:  Thank heavens for Amazon. Noxema disposable bikini shavers: 15 for 23 bucks, shipping included.  They are properly curved and don't give too close a shave.

Who needs shaving bumps in the bikini area?

Little Pond

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My knees make a crunching sound?

So I now do yoga every day, to ease lower back pain.  I look pretty fit, and I definitely feel better on days I do those stretches.

So naturally there has to be a downside.  Living with MS, I've learned to expect them. 

How can there be a downside to yoga?

Well, the stretching is designed to work the lower back muscles, and it manages it very well, by making me more flexible.  Furthermore, it teaches me to use other muscles to make up for the loss of the strength in the lower back.

I now have little baby abs I haven't had since before my kids were born.  So naturally, there is no longer any place there to shoot the copaxone.  MY FAT WAS MY FRIEND.  Say with with me all you self-injectors:  My fat is my friend.  No fat means not much subcutaneous flexibility.

Beta bruises are common for those who shoot Beta Seron.  But copaxone has never bruised me before.  I've accidentally shot a blood vessel and gotten a quick, but disconcerting, rush.  But bruises are beginning to show on my belly and, well, forget the legs.  The rubbing from the jeans put a quick end to that experiment.

All right, I can live with the bruises.  I have tons of them anyway, just from being an MS spaz.

So What the Hell is this crunching sound in my knees during stretches?  Listen, I've had a crunching sound in my kneck for at least a decade, but I never had to listen to my knees.

I will be seeing my Neuro soon, and will ask her about it.  Too late to talk to the Family Practitioner; another of my doctors has bowed out of practice.

Any guesses, out there?  Bet yet, any solutions?

Little Pond