Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'll survive

Banish any crazy thoughts of renal failure.

Three days on a very expensive antibiotic is beginning to clear things up a bit.  Unfortunately, such a long time before seeing the doctor has left me in pain for a while to come.

A huge copay and a long recovery period should teach me not to self diagnose next time.  Without the copay, Levaquin costs over $400 for 14 horse pills.  And the inflammation will take weeks to go away.

How's an MSer supposed to know what went wrong?  I thought I might have pulled a back muscle, so I waited for it to subside on its own.  And it did subside.  The remaining pain stayed along for the ride.

Not all better, but at least on the mend.

Oh, and having a new grandson (7 lbs, 2.6 oz and 20.5 inches long) (3.25 kilos and 52.07 cm) born just yesterday also eases the pain.

Little Pond

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Something is wrong.

You know, if I had real feeling in my body, I would almost guess some sort of UTI.  But I used those little orange pills and get no relief.  Is it my left kidney?  Can't be a left ovary, because that's been gone for years.

This is a weird pain in my lower back.  Enough pain to make me writhe if I need to bend over for anything.  Pain anywhere below the belt is odd.  This is not a Multiple Sclerosis thing at all.  It's almost comical, the way I trigger it, just to have some sort of feeling below the belly button.  Or actually right about at belly button level, only in the back.

It's even warm in just one teensy spot on my back, and there's no knot for the muscles.  Fascinating.

(Only an MSer could play with pain out of sheer enjoyment.  I HAVE PAIN.  YIPPEE!)

I will call my family practitioner Monday morning.


Little Pond

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas time is tired time

Bet this looks familiar to many of you.  The baby has moved the Christmas Creche figurines, one by one.  She watches as I line them up for her to see, telling about each one.  When we are done, every piece except the manger and Baby Jesus will be laid out on the cocktail table.

Fortunately, VM will turn her attention to HuggaMutt.  And I will return the figures to their rightful place.  A visit from the baby consists of my watching her and letting her entertain me with her wanderings.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Little Pond

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just had to go up, one more time.

Everything was already decorated, but I wanted to give some old stocking hangers to my daughter.  I found them in the attic, alongside  a box of Christmas angels.  Had just promised myself I wouldn't put up any more stuff, but I couldn't resist.

Instead of a simple bag of stocking hangers, I descended the ladder carrying a small box with the bag of hangers, an angel ornament, and my Holy Family tree topper.

Don't know how I did it, but that little box caused me to trip on the attic pull-down ladder.  In a split second, I knew it was either the box or me.  One or the other would have to crash.  I let go of the box and grabbed for the stairs' mechanism.  Crash went the box, and I don't quite remember what happened to me.

I now have a huge, scraping bruise on my left leg, some strange achiness around my right ankle, and a certain amount of skin off both hands.  I can hardly move today, and my limp is worse than ever.  Fortunately, with the MS, I don't really have much pain.

Worst of all:  two stocking hangers broken beyond repair, and Baby Jesus flung out of his mother's arms, and she out of St. Joseph's embrace.  Baby Jesus is missing a hand, and Mary will need to be reglued.  Only the angel ornament survived the wreck unscathed.

Wasn't really worth the trip.

Little Pond

Monday, December 06, 2010

No one else

A week later, and I still am fighting the snots.  And I still am the only person in the vicinity with a cold. 

And let me tell you, dusty stuff stowed away since last year doesn't help.  One good thing:  when I couldn't take the sneezing and hacking, I cut the decorating short.

Result?  A few boxes left unopened, and a tastefully understated living room, still ready for Christmas.

And tons less to be destroyed by a very busy, overly curious toddler.  Picture taken at MamaDog's home.

Enjoy the season, everyone!

Little Pond