Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm too old for angst.

At least I thought so until this winter.  I know it's because I am stuck in the house.  The sprained back, reinforced by the broken pinkie, is keeping me inside during this snowy winter.  No more falls, please.

So now I feel the lack of sunshine: aches, anxiety, and depression.  Never mind that I'm already on anti-anxiety meds, along with anti-depressants, as well as loads of antispasmotics.  Several deaths in the family have me crying to go home to my aged mother and father.  At least before they, too, join the growing line of the recently passed.

This trip will cost a fortune.  I cannot stay seated for the eight hours it will take to get to Maine from Elmira, so we are planning on an RV.  This will allow us to bring the kids and grandkids, the latter which my parents have seen in person.

So naturally, the gas prices are rising, perhaps to $5/gallon this year.  The RV alone will likely cost over $1200.00 to rent!  The kids are chipping in, of course, but still, we have to eat and to pay our rented site at Yankeeland Campground.

If we don't pay taxes this year, we can easily afford it, but I know better than that.

We have got to somehow afford this trip.

I just don't know how.

Little Pond