Friday, November 11, 2011

Strange feelings

If Husband RJ didn't work, I wouldn't even know that today was Veteran's Day.  My cutter made the appointment for today, and there was another patron there when I arrived.

This is a huge day in my family.  My Grampa John Irving was a veteran of two wars, with two purple hearts.  His best friend, my Grammy's Brother Henry Lamb went missing in action, presumably dead, the day before.

But today is like any other, except for the blues that Armistice Day always gives me.  Oh yes, the flag is hanging alongside our porch.  The paper is full of sales flyers.

My Grammy's poem graces Pat's Pond.

A special post on the Civil War Prison Camp is quite a change for River Visits.

My love and prayers go out today to all of you who lost a relative in any of our many wars, conflicts and police actions.  Special shout out to my ancestors and cousin Joel Baker, recently departed and a veteran of Korea.

If my heart keeps hurting, I will head out to the Chemung: bundled against the cold and using a cane to maintain balance.  My sight is failing slightly now, with a cataract and plain old age.  My hearing is a mess and the visit will be short.  Still grateful that I can walk, and see, and hear, such as it is.  The river will even out my spirits and tire me just enough for a midday nap.

You understand.