Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Karen's Meme of 8

My Blogsister Karen tagged me with this meme:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves on their blog.
3. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged
4. Go to their blog, leave a comment telling them they’re tagged.

Karen, I'm not good about memes. Will 2 out of 4 do?

1-Lived in 4 states, all on the Eastern Seaboard: Massachusetts, Maryland, New York and Virginia.

2-Taught English in Worcester, MA and abroad in Madrid, Spain.

3-Fluent in Spanish but generally dream in French when it's not in English.

4-I do most of the electrical/plumbing work in my home. Husband RJ is the gardener and major breadwinner.

5-Was a computer tech back in the day, 1980's, when MSDOS was still king and we had to warm up the computers with a hairdryer after a cold winter night to get them to boot.

6-Used to teach Office Comportment and Dress! Haha to those of you who work with me now!!!

7-Did my own roofing before I got MS. Can hardly stand ladders now.

8-Promised myself I would not publish fiction before I was at least middle age. Even as a teenager and young adult, I could not believe that a regular person would have lived anything worth reading before then. Jury is still out on that one.

Well, Karen, I hope this is enough. My circle of bloggers mostly includes those who don't do memes, as I found out the last time.

Still love me, even though?

Little Pond

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I was hoping to visit the Chemung River

without the HuggaMutt this week, but guess what? It ain't gonna happen. I need my little buddy to keep me honest. I will clean house instead.

Almost didn't visit the neuro yesterday. I can only see him M, W, F. I keep M and F open for resting, so W is it. That's a bad day for me. I like to visit my GolferGirl buddy in Corning on W. So I nearly forgot to go. They called on Tuesday.

We are increasing the Baclofen by one half tab per day. The goal is more sleep. This grandfatherly old fellow is a big believer in the ten per day sleep cycle. He's going to be sorely disappointed with me, though, because the best I can ever do, outside of an exacerbation, is about seven.

He was especially pleased to hear I dropped the bladder patch, although he seemed dubious about the "lost days" syndrome. I told him I had my coworkers to fill me in on what a riot I was to have around. They still ask me when I am going back on the patch, because I was so much fun. Too bad I can't remember enjoying myself.

Feeling a little tired, overworked at the paper. But the heat is done for a while and I am enjoying my Little Pond.

Little Pond

Saturday, July 07, 2007

What I did with my summer vacation.

Hah! No vacation.

I worked the latest chapter to Angry Planet. Over and over and over again. I want to really collapse the story, and the abridgement is a lot of work.

But Husband RJ gave me a hand! We took over 18 shots of his arm holding a pillow for the pregnant body. Wound up using #1. HeeHee.

Then a lot of Photoshopping to add the mail vest, red cape and fantasy background. Et Voila!

Pregnant soldier being surprised by sneaky lover in the corral.

I tried using another hand, but RJ said the fingernails were a dead giveaway that it was a lady's hand, even though I had Photoshopped in some hairy knuckles. That's when I co-opted him for the next few minutes.

Worked pretty well, except he doesn't have hairy knuckles.

Little Pond

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Most of my blogs will be idle, except for a short greeting in Little Pond.

Weather permitting, we will climb the Oriental Chestnut and begin some tree surgery. Our neighbor hates trees, and has cleared his property of them. Except our chestnut.

We will also clear out limbs that hang over our back porch, something we do every year. The darned thing grows fronds in the summer, and they turn into chestnuts. But those fronds wreak havoc on our downspouts. On the upside, the chestnuts become "badger eggs" for Ellie to play with in the fall.

My Geo Tracker is still quiet, thank you. Muffler patch is a wonderful thing. As are those new resin ramps. A family friend was badly injured when his jack gave out during a repair, so I wouldn't even consider it.

Husband RJ is prominently featured in a composite photo that will post soon to Angry Planet. See if you can recognize him.

Stay safe.

Little Pond