Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm a dumbass.

I just found a note from my NP. I was working a sudoku while waiting, and again afterwards in her office. Today I took out the booklet, to rework and retry the puzzle. Papers fell out, including a note and new appointment card.

Never looked at either, just stuffed them in the booklet, I guess. Must've been more upset than I remember, and I remember being upset.

The note recommends an additional 1000 iu per day, over and above the stuff I'm already taking. Now I remember her spiel about all the extra benefits of taking more D3. Apparently they are finding more all the time.

So I went to Puritan's Pride and ordered more than a year's worth, because their deals make it worth it.

So maybe I will get to know where it leaves us, after all.

Little Pond

Friday, November 07, 2008

More about osteoporosis.

After the bone scanning, I was so disappointed to learn that I am still losing ground. In fact, the next scan will almost certainly put me squarely in the osteoporotic (geez, what a word) group.

The good news was that she recommended Vitamin D3 to help absorb the calcium. I take a lot of calcium and plenty of dairy products, instead of meat. I'd never heard of Vitamin D3.

The bad news is that I am most certainly already getting Vitamin D3. I shop Puritan's Pride, and learned that Vitamin D3 is in their formulas already.

So where does that leave me?

Where does that leave any of us?

Little Pond

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Spread the word.

Being thin and staying thin is bad for us.

Today I learned that from my NP at the Women's Health Center.

My bone scan shows more loss: despite the exercise, increased calcium and vitamin D.

Thinness is a risk factor in osteoporosis. And those of us who need steroids are going to suffer more, anyway.

See. My fat is my friend.

Let's have another dish of Friendly's Rich and Creamy, Purely Pistachio.

Little Pond

Saturday, November 01, 2008

To my local readers,

Tuesday is Voting Day. I will be getting a bone density scan at 8:30, followed by a mammogram, and then voting. I hope to carve out time to walk Ellie through the neighborhood. Wednesday she goes for a fatty tumor removal, and it will be tough on her.

It's a big medical week for us, but nothing is more important than voting. We want to re-elect Katie Hughes as County Clerk. She has been most helpful in the upkeep of our Handicap Access parking rights.

I am so active now, that it's a shame I still need the hanger, but lately my hearing is much worse. I need that hanger to keep me close to the building, out of the way of cars I can't hear. Things are so bad at work that I am actually considering whether to learn lip-reading.


Wonder if they've improved devices for nerve deafness? Years ago, the audiologist told me not to get sucked into buying a hearing aid; nerve deafness can't be fixed that way. But the messy situation is this: the hearing is fairly normal in one ear, but the confusion of signals I get in the other overcomes the good hearing.

I am just guessing what is being said. I am just guessing the direction of a sound. I am just guessing what a sound represents.

And I am mostly guessing wrong. They are laughing at me in the workplace. Apologies all around later, but it's clear I need to do something, anything.

Anyway, we need Katie Hughes, who goes out of her way to help with renewals, and walks the newbies through a difficult administrative maze.

However you lean, please just vote.

Little Pond