Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We got a bumper crop of the tiniest pumpkins ever grown in RJ's garden.  We gave away a few, mostly for cooking.  Then we kept the rest on the back stoop and stairs to get them out of the heat.
Finally, after the Labor Day weekend, we set them out on our front porch for display.
Here's a picture before the local rapscallions get their hands on them.  We expect to find them either smashed in the road, or chewed by the squirrels.  In the meantime, we are enjoying them.
 I am still walking Ellie, when she is healthy enough, by the river.  Her illness has made her lazy, and she prefers the well-worn paths on the levees to the scruffy grasses and plants by the banks of the Chemung.
On the way, we captured this prize pumpkin in the back yard of a neighbor's lot.  Somehow this wound up outside his fencing.  Makes us wonder if the darned thing planted itself from last year!
Hardy bugger, eh?
Little Pond