Friday, September 16, 2005

Peds Revisited

Am I the only person in these Great United States who hates to wear shoes, especially mules, without socks? Really, now? I don't believe it. Because I can buy little half peds mail order to use with mules. They come in three colors: white, black, and cream.

The dysaesthesia in my feet prevents me from telling exactly how comfortable or uncomfortable they are at any time. MSer know that "feelings are not facts" in regards to pain, cold or heat. But I can see the insoles bunching up, so I know my feet should feel nasty. Hence the half peds.

But they are expensive, right? Sure are, especially after we factor in the shipping and handling. But MS has done nothing if it hasn't made me the genius that I am today!

The Dollar Tree sells peds in a packet of two. (For a dollar, right? Right.) These peds are displayed to be normal peds, for the entire bottom of the foot. But, without stretching, they fit just like the half peds. Look like them, too, only in what is laughingly called "flesh tone." Whose flesh is orangey brown? Never mind. They work, they fit, and I can go about my business assured I am not skanky. My feet, at least.

Problem solved.

Little Pond

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