Monday, April 30, 2007

New Stuff

The past weekend was completely dedicated to learning the new Presario.

Usually we purchase a refurbished machine and have Radio Shack do all the installations. And we usually trade in the old machine. This time we were so far, far, far behind the times, it was almost necessary to start new.

On top of that, the kids are lusting after the old machine. So.

So. We will hook up as a network, at least for a few months. This will allow us to cover the kids and still have everything we need. At least until we get it all transferred.

Now that the "kids" are all adults, we purchased a wireless notebook. To get the darned thing out of the dining room.

Except that Husband RJ wants it in the dining room. I want it in the office that we will put in MammaDog's old bedroom.

Except that Husband RJ, unbeknownst to me, filled MammaDog's old room with seedling flats. I mean I know now, but it wasn't mentioned to me during the decision process.

Anyway, some sort of side table or flat desk will replace the big, bulky Sauder cheapie. And we can close up and remove the Presario when we need the space for dinners.

A question to the over 40 crowd: when you were a kid, could you ever have imagined that we would be worried about such mundane stuff concerning our personal computers?


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