Saturday, February 09, 2008

I knew it was coming, but

I did not expect to hear the Geo's noisy engine blare out loudly that I was coming up over the hill to Big Flats. A hole broke open somewhere on full throttle.

The sound was so bad, I was afraid to be ticketed, and I aborted my trip to the Arnot Mall.

Back home, with ol' Flipper up on the ramps, I knew what I had to do. I grabbed some foil and duck tape, and a little wire, and fashioned a patch over the hole. Then I hopped over to Advance Auto Parts and bought some self-sealing wrapping tape to snug in and cover it all.

The pipe is definitely fixing to rot right out, despite the fact that she's only got 80K on the odometer. Upstate New York winters are very hard on Flipper's underside.

But VeggiGirl needs to replace her old heap first, say, this very week. The Geo is the oldest, but will probably outlast all the others, body putty, wrapping tape, aluminum foil and all.

Keeps me busy, while the kids keep us poor.

Little Pond


Miss Chris said...

Sounds like your very handy!

pb said...

Better yet, I have a SIL who is even more handy. He tells me we can replace the pipe for under $100. When we would ever get time off from our jobs simultaneously, only God knows.

Meantime, I will look for the shiny metal-backed tape and rebuild the pipe inch by inch. Maybe this spring. Maybe not.

mdmhvonpa said...

I just recently got pinged because the exhaust system in the POS SuperSaturn had corroded out ... between the engine and the catalytic converter ... argh, no tape would fix that.

pb said...

First you have to get a Son In Law who fixes cars. This is a must. A Daughter In Law who fixes cars would also be nice, I guess.

I was that DIL, and still am, except that cars are so much more complicated under the hood than when I was younger. Still, I fix what I can or must.


Hehe...I think YOU should be on the Radio Show...what's it called? Click and Clack?!?

Linda D. in Seattle