Sunday, March 02, 2008

We are in the throes of the flu season.

Upstate New York finally succumbed to the epidemic. Everyone is saying that that flu shot was for the wrong strains. No one can escape their sick coworkers and relatives.

We're on our second or third run through cold viruses this winter, here in Little Pond. Between RJ and I, there is enough snot running to power a small turbine.

It's not flu, because we had shots.

Got sick of staring at my beloved and listening to him humming to the Lite Hits channel. I took the camera downtown, where I usually would not go, because the dog can't always behave herself with the strangers.

Crazy motorists come up behind me and honk. They want me to take their picture, but I don't usually photograph humans in their machines. Crazier ones pull up behind me while I am focusing and scream something nonsensical, like little kids trying to scare their parents. Sort of cute, but really just stupid. I suspect teenagers.

There is so much sunshine coming off the river that I am exhausted after only an hour. My knees are sore, maybe from the pavement. Lovely drive home, and an immediate two-hour nap.

Not many good photos this time. Too sunny. And it's downtown. Been there, done that.

Oh, well. Got lots of sun. That's got to count for something.

Little Pond

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Throws of flu? Been there, doing that here on the opposite coast...this is why I don't waste my time, money, or body of flu shots!

Sorry to hear y'all are suffering the snot factor...hard enough just having MS let alone another common ailment on top of it. But the photo here is wonderful, in spite of your nay saying...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle