Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beautiful weather

Trips to the River are just begging for allergy medications. This is the time when the trees start causing a big problem for me. Below is a pretty thicket alongside the Newtown Creek last Tuesday.
Today I am experimenting with Zirtec. For the last two days, I have taken Chlortrimetron 12 hour tabs, and they are messing with my nerves. So far the Zirtec seems to be working well, but let's see what happens when I try to nap.

No nap on Thursday made the toughest night of the week even tougher. Last night was bad, too, although I was a little more accustomed to the twitching and nodding.

When it gets really bad, I take another Baclofen, but the idea of upping any of the meds is somewhat scary. On the other hand, it's not fun when knee jerks and other spasms begin to catch people's attention.

The other factor will be the cost. I take a LOT of medications and supplements, all at doctors' orders. And the cost of food and gas are sucking up every little bit of money I would normally aim at the extra meds.

But tree fever is so miserable. It 's nice to be able to alleviate it.

Little Pond

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mdmhvonpa said...

The Mrs is an allergy train wreck right now. No sleep is not helping her either ... or me. Damn, that woman can snore!