Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few days into the treatment

Hands are still a little bit wooden, but the Solumedrol is doing its thing. Of course, I feel like I've been tossed down a rocky hill. But it is a familiar sensation, and I know it means that everything is working.

It all finally got rolling on Tuesday. MammaDog brought me to the neuro's, where we proceded to drive the poor man crazy in stereo. We can work up quite a repetory together.

I had been keeping him abreast of the rapid decline I was experiencing over the past few weeks. His reponse was immediate this time:

Doctor's orders to be off work until July 6. Why that exact date, I can't imagine.

Prescription for a three day infusion of Solumedrol, followed by a four day taper of Prednisone.

Re-evaluation in April.

An MRI and a huge battery of blood tests for CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic, Free T4 and TSH, all routine. I will go for the blood tests this week, close to home.

The steriods are depleting me of stamina, so I am no venturing far. Also, my sight always seems to go out during the treatments.

If it were not for the earthquake in Chile, I would have nothing to worry about for a while. As it stands, my sister and BIL's family, as well as our foster son, Brian Alegria, are all beyond our reach and ability to contact. I worried myself to exhaustion yesterday, and am leaving it all in the hands of their local and authorities. They are experts in earthquakes, and sounded very confident in their ability to recover. The death tolls are relatively low.

My foster son is a slum dweller, and they reside higher over the coast in a hilltop village, sort of. One can only hope that they simply had less to crash down on them. As for the Tapias, and their extended family, we can only join our prayers as a clan.

When I have more energy, I will have more news.

Thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes.


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