Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rinse and repeat

Wow. It's deja vue all over again, as they say. Monday I finished the latest round of doctors' visits and MRI--this time with a complete spinal scan.

As a matter of course I went to the neuro's to inquire if paperwork went out to Aetna for the temporary disability time. At the moment I am required to return to work Monday, April 18.

Not feeling great, but really, I went right back to work after the first attack, some fifteen years ago. Perhaps the intervening years have taken their toll on my ability to bounce back.

As has already happened twice before, the office reacted with shock when I announce that I was going back to work on Monday. Voiced the same indignation over the insurance company wanting further documentation. And, of course, had not sent in any of the papers that I had filled and given to them to send along to Aetna.

Just like the last time. If I were feeling just a tad better, I would return to work on Monday and tell the neuro (and his office) to screw himself. I'm tired of playing my own disability caseworker.

Although I must admit, I'm becoming a pretty good one. Lots of practice, you know.

Maybe I should consider a change of careers.

Little Pond

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

seriously! might not be a bad idea.