Thursday, October 13, 2011

What the hell happened?

For crying out loud, I began the month on such a high note.  Honestly thought that the post summer exacerbation would not hit me.
Now here I am, gasping for breath, exhausted by an hour and a half of grocery shopping.  My legs feel like they were lent to me without the users' manual, and I somehow forgot some step or other in their maintenance.  I have to keep dropping my hands down into my lap for a rest between sentences.

The ringing in my ears is drowning out the sounds coming from the laundry room downstairs.  Last night was one anxiety dream after another, each followed by a trip to the bathroom, often with no success.

And I still feel like I could have some sort of potty accident at any minute.  The cats need flea medicine and I don't dare drive up to the Tractor Supply.

I blame it all on Wednesday, when I pulled out the hose to clean and tie up the awnings.  Wednesday was cold and foggy, so after about an hour of being soaked from head to foot, I stopped everything and took a warm shower.  Then I dropped into bed for a two-hour nap.  When I woke, the sun was out and the porch was sparkling.

Is it possible to trigger and exacerbation in one short morning?  Wednesday afternoon I felt sick to my stomach and very iffy, in need of staying close to the bathroom, for both ends.  My lungs are clogged, my head and neck hurt like the dickens, and even my eyesight sucks.

Good Lord.  What the hell happened?

If this doesn't clear up by Monday, the neuro is getting a call.

Little Pond

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