Monday, June 23, 2014

This time it's not MS

After a sonogram, an upper GI endoscopy, and a perfectly lovely colonoscopy, the verdict is in.

  • gall bladder is distended (whatever THAT means)
  • there are duodenal ulcers
  • there are also interior hemorrhoids.  Well, at least they don't stick out.
  • I have diverticulosis.
Now believe it or not, I know what diverticulosis is.  And I know what hemorrhoids and duodenal ulcers are.   Furthermore, it is no surprise that my gall bladder was distended.

Gall bladder and diverticulosis and hemorrhoids are all in my family history.  My mother just died after a long battle with intestinal troubles and diverticulosis or even diverticulitis was common for her.  And the other two, well it had to be something, right?

Now what to do?  I will see the doctor again on Thursday. Maybe he can shed a clue.

Because I have none.

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