Saturday, November 03, 2018

Word of the day: Incontinence

If you are new to incontinence caused by MS, you will want to take note:

  • Never go anywhere outside the home without protection in place.

  • Never buy period protection instead.  I have a bad memory of a trip to a local restaurant where my sister gave me a period pad.

  • The bulky pads may hide well, but if your leakage is major, they don't work well enough.  Trust me on this.

  • Sometimes a cranky bladder really means that you need to empty your  bowels.  Better listen.

  • If you must self-catheterize, use a fresh one each time, or disinfect the catheter before you put it away WHERE IT CAN FULLY DRY.

  • Bladder infections are your worst enemy.  Stay home and take those little pills that turn your urine orange or blue.
  • Blue bladder infection pills can affect your eye color.  They are prescription.

A bladder infection is no joke, but it is even more unfunny when a MSer has one.

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