Saturday, December 10, 2005

And They Flicker!

So here's the solution to our asthma problem. Candles from
Inspired Lighting. And they flicker!!! By the way, the good people at I.L. will be offering their own arrangements for them next year, along with arrangements for all you customers who've been purchasing the blue and white ones for your menorahs.

Inspired Lighting suffered through Hurricane Katrina, too. But the lovely lady who spoke with me said that they are now in Baton Rouge, LA. They deserve our business, so I look forward to Easter, when I hope to find something new for our home that no longer has little ones.

Meantime, guys. Check out our photos from the little pond. More coming Sunday night, also.

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Jenny said...

They are lovely! PB, I dropped by to see how things are going, glad the candles are cheery ... and flickering! A great idea for safety too.