Friday, April 28, 2006

My Soma is Okay, I Guess

What I mean to say (correct me if my word usage is wrong) is that non-medically speaking, I am quite well. I've knocked out nearly all the unnecessary drugs again, so my side effects are minimal. Because I am actively monitoring myself, it is easier to remember to take the rest on schedule. It's nearly time to reset the others; that is, to try to drop the menopause herb, Black Cohosh. There are those who insist that herbs don't have any real effect.

Poppycock. (I don't take that one!) Anyone in the middle of menopause can tell if a drug is helping or not. Since my BabySister is in town tomorrow, I daren't stop the Cohosh. Don't need night sweats just yet. It would put a crimp in visits with BabySister, MammaDog and VeggieGirl, and GolferGirl.

Yes, we have quite a schedule lined up. The Glass Works and Market Street will be a must. Not to mention the local shops and art fairs, since BabySister is from the Boston area. We offer a unique angle on Americana, not to mention lower prices. Wine Country beckons us, too, although to be honest, we mature ladies drink less than we used to. And just visits, visits, visits.

All kept in discrete, small doses, with plenty of rest at the Holiday Inn between. Not so fancy we have to totally behave ourselves, and luxurious enough that it will become our Weekend headquarters. We like to give Husband RJ the run of the Friendly House in the Little Pond while we kick up our collective heels, coming and going at all hours, and giggling and goofing like a bunch of high schoolers.

I'll keep you posted.

Little Pond


Shelly said...

Have a great weekend with your sister.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

sounds like you're going to have a great time!