Thursday, May 04, 2006

To Sum It Up

Yes, I had a lovely time with my sister. BabySister and I have more and more fun together as we age. We are clearly soul-sisters in every sense of the word, and have so much in common that even the distance (some 350 miles) cannot entirely separate us.

Our bodies have remarkably similar experiences, too. So much so that, to my eternal distress, BabySister now watches anxiously for any signs of MS in her own golden, beautifully toned body. And I cannot assure her othewise. In fact, I expect she has as much chance of being an MSer as do my precious daughters. More and more I recognize behaviors exhibited by our Grammy Jo, now dead for well over forty years. Weak ankles, easy tiring, and the holding back from activity that I always attributed to her gentility now seems nefarious harbingers of the condition that controls my own nervous system.

But BabySister is still quite young, and every advance lessens the horror of the disease. And that's exactly the hope I hold for my daughters.

Besides, the
largest problem I had this week was due to asthma. Same for her. After the spell I was wobbly, and that was MS, attributable to nerves. We exited the place and sought refuge in Stuffed Chili Peppers and Guacamole Salad. Worked, too! Followed it with another hour of outlet shopping and the ride home.

I dedicate the next few days to cleaning my house and resting my bones. And there's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, waiting for my critique.

It's been a great vacation.

I've checked my link to the Little Pond, and I sound so depressed and worn out. Hah! What a difference a day or two makes!

Little Pond

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Shelly said...

rest well and if your like me, I do much better when the house is clean! Hope the asthma is better soon.