Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where did this come from?

Or from whence did this come?

Everyone is asking me if I got my flu shot. And I surely did, paying full price to get it early at the Guthrie.

So why am I the only one in the entire City of Elmira with a banger of a cold? The whole works: sore throat, chest pain, so much mucus at the back of my throat that I not only can't swallow, but I can't remove the mucus, either. Neither can I successfully blow my nose.

My boss sent me home from the paper last night. Oh, I used disinfectant wipes on everything I touched, and no doubt they sprayed with the
Clorox after I staggered out. But I was unable to carry on the simple conversations necessary to put out a paper.

I could speak, but no one could understand me. We all gave up and home I went. Too sick to lie down, I played a video game until I was falling apart from exhaustion. Then I still spent the night trying to breathe past all the mucus. There is no question that I will miss another day today, but I can't call before mid-afternoon, or the people who need to know will never be told.

I just want, bed, sleep, and oblivion. Too bad lying down makes it worse. Nyquil here I come. The guys tell me firewater (aguardiente to Hispanics) and beer is much better, and I believe them. But, I need to get up later and call in sick.

So why am I the only one who's sick?

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

poor big Sis -- hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

Oops, you got a touch of the Rhino while fighting off the Influenza ... happens all the time. The form you signed probably asked if you were sick at the time and you didn't FEEL sick. Happened to me last year. Sucks big yak balls.

Miss Chris said...

I'm a fan of Cold-ese lozenges. They are Zinc hard-candy-like things and if you take them RELIGIOUSLY after you start to feel bad, they tend to cut in half the length and severity of your cold. Too late for you now but it couldn't hurt to give them a try next time. I always keep fully stocked with them as they work great for me. Hope you get to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I've never found any treatments very effective. I hope that your chest clears up.

When I got pneumonia, I had to lie down on the couch in the living room, upside down and with the corner of a towel in my mouth.

You can't watch TV then, (I'd've broken my neck trying,) so I hallucinated through all three books of the "Lord Of The Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien.

After a week, I was better and I'd finally read the darn books. (But the movies were amazingly close to my hallucinations.)


By the way, I have just uploaded a new episode on my podcast for MSers, by an MSer (me :-) at

Why not check it out and send me some feedback?

Charles *at*

Anonymous said...

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