Saturday, December 02, 2006

Life after Crazy Cold

Finally got a full night's sleep, about seven hours. Poor RJ is in the worst part, but he's finding the nose strips are helping him.

Went to work last night and giggled my way through the first three hours. Then came the crash, big time. Be warned. With this crazy cold, Mucinex is probably the best bet, but not great for anyone who needs to work.

Today my lungs are nice and clear, but my nose is chapped and sore, and my my throat is scratchy.

Beats the hell out of the torture I suffered the last three days. And that was "just a cold." RJ went to the doctor, who gave him a script for an antibiotic and a note to buy Mucinex.

Little Pond


Miss Chris said...

Mu husband swears by Mucinex. Says it's the best stuff he's ever used.

Anonymous said...

I've tried Mucinex before with mixed results ... I always run into dosage issues and staying on track. I'm bad that way.