Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Better and better

Just came in from working on my exhaust system, so I must be getting better again. Just before inspection I took the Geo to my favorite discount place, who immediately quoted me $350 for a new system.

$350 for a new system is excellent, but right after taxes? I requested a written quote and removed my Tracker from the premises. Then I brought it to the downtown Chevy dealership, who not only passed the whole thing for NYS inspection, but fixed my horn, to boot, all for $40.00, inspection fee included. I didn't even get around the block (for a walk while waiting) before they called to tell me it was done.

The noise was a rattle, and there is a tiny hole. I stopped the rattle with some metal strapping, using some aluminum foil for padding. I'm thinking maybe some metal epoxy for the tiny hole. Or some sort of patching to make it all pretty.

Next project: ceiling fanw/light kit in dining room. And no, I will not DIY it. Got a perfectly acceptable home systems repair firm here in Elmira called Fix-Rite. Been using them for years.

The exciting part of this Father's Day project?

Looking for a remote control setup! It should add years to the life of the thing. RJ is kinda tough on those chain pulls. If all goes well, we will replace the kitchen ceiling fan before the winter. We find the fan is a very good investment, because we run them year round, changing the direction according to season. Supposedly they save on the air conditioning and heating costs. Anything that makes the place more comfortable is welcome.

MS seems to find trouble with both heat in summer and cold in winter. And, apropos of that, too: a quieter exhaust system is easier on my nerves. Working nights and driving home after midnight makes my Geo a prime target for bored city police. It's always a new, younger fellow, too. Makes for a touch of eye candy every now and again...

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