Sunday, May 06, 2007

I finally gave up

You've probably seen the shift in attitude. There can be no doubt that I lost a lot this year. Disabled seems to be written all over me. Disgusts me when an older person runs to hold the door open for me. (Wait! I can still walk! I take Ellie to the River every day...)

My boss has made a point of reminding me to take my meds. It's embarrassing.

So I finally gave up and began to take a cane places, and I purchased an alarm watch.

The cane (or walking stick) allows me to balance myself when I need to stand still.

The alarm watch is a Timex, IronMan Triathlon. It has three alarm settings. One for my morning doses (rings daily), one for my evening doses (rings nightly), and one for the afternoon dose only on weekends. I have to remember my breakfast and (work lunch) 8pm doses on my own.

When I'm not working, the evening doses are really bed-time doses and don't need an alarm.

And the watch is on a plastic with velcro band, so I don't have to work a buckle, or get a rash from it. I'm waiting to see how long it takes me to get a rash from the back of the timepiece itself.

The rest of the problem is all griping and hyperbole. I knew from the first few years that the condition was progressive.

I'll survive.

Little Pond

(by the way, does anyone know off-hand how to program a quick macro for inputting my URL while in blogger? I'm now working from Windows Vista)

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