Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MDMHVONPA asks: Any ice ... yet?

Rest assured that should we have ice and snow, there will be photos!!!

We are up to our tushes in raking right now. Raking is a good chore for MSers, this one at least. We can lean on our rake and improve our upper body strength.

Of course, what with the changeable weather, we are also experiencing gusty winds here in the Twin Tiers. Which is to say that most of the leaves are being blown back into the areas just raked.

Husband RJ doesn't rake. He mows and blows them. Our back yard has a man-made hill of clippings and leaves. The City of Elmira will pick up leaves, but only when they get around to it. Otherwise, we skirt huge frozen piles of them all winter...

We are expecting winter weather this week. Watch this space.

Little Pond

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Waiting to hear the wind "howl" on your blog...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle