Sunday, December 16, 2007

And the Sun Sets on Another Vacation

I woke up to this sunset Sunday afternoon at 4:30. I did manage to get up at dawn, when the area was drizzling freezing rain on top of a night of gentle snow.

We were snowed in all day. Not a blizzard, but very dangerous conditions, anyway. I had one thing only planned this vacation. I was to get a present for my Secret Santa recipient and it didn't happen, due to the storm. Hope I get them before Tuesday. That is pretty much the drop-deadline on shipping to Massachusetts.

That also means I didn't see my son in law host an evening of punkers at a local bar. Don't Look in the Basement played without me in their audience. MammaDog was worried about the storm and the venue, which was a little rough for an old lady like me.

Sleep, sleep, sleep! Never have I slept so much on a vacation since the first year after my diagnosis.

Hope it's not a new trend...

Little Pond


Maureen said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! You can keep the snow though, it's 50 here in Texas and that's about as cold as I can stand it!

Miss Chris said...

All that sleep. You must've really needed it!



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