Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lost in the Sun

Three disappointments: Poor batteries, brand new. Prelit Christmas tree with bands of unlightedness. Lazy dog.

The poor batteries, any cheap brand. Only good batteries for the camera are Duracell and Energizer. All others just can't handle it.

Prelit tree is a few years old. Lost a small section last year, but this year is missing lights in bands. We'll have to add strings of lights.

Lazy dog won't walk. She went up to the water's edge happily enough, but decided it was too cold for the tramp through the wooded areas. And today, I haven't the enthusiasm to push it.

Long, difficult hours at work are sapping me. Not overtime, just overwork. With another person out, we are piling on the extra chores, rushing through the evening's work, and not doing anything really well.

Like others in the advertising industry, well, I just wish Christmas would hurry up and get past.

Then I can try to recover a bit.

Oh, well, next week I hope to take five days to myself. I expect Husband RJ will, too. Let's hope this time he's not working at home. It makes everything suck for both of us.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

Are you sure that is a dog ... I know you have bad batteries and poor light, but it sure looks like BIG FOOT!!!


Trade you one, big lazy cat for that dog! Whaddaya say?!? Deal?

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...

Not Bigfoot and not a bad dog, really.

I wouldn't trade her for anything this life has to offer.

She's my little Buddy.