Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can't complain.

The neuro was very polite, and didn't quite let on what we both must have been thinking in unison.

I have lost ground this year. I failed the closed-eyes balance test, and I tripped on myself when asked to walk toe to heel. That was the second time, when he suggested I walk "late-for-church" fast.

There hasn't been a real exacerbation in a few years. The Copaxone is working, but I am still losing ground.

What to do?

Call in the Ground Dog and go hunting down by the Chemung River! I'm lame as hell afterwards, but at least I'm using myself up before I'm completely gone.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Losing ground sucks. I sometimes remember all the things I used to do but can't anymore. The trick is to not think about it for too long. Rather, I focus on all the stuff I can do.

Glad you can still go to the river with doggy. Such lovely pics and great descriptions. I enjoy it!


I am shaking my head in both anger and sadness and at a loss for words...sometimes I guess we just have to FEEL this crap and hope the feeling passes...unlike the knowledge that the MS will never pass.

Linda D. in Seattle

Miss Chris said...

I always fail that balance test too. :(