Friday, January 04, 2008

Linda D of Brain Cheese

insistently asks, so I guess it's time. I was going to wait until the weekend to post. Just a few minutes this morning won't hurt. So you can thank Linda D.

I am quite well, considering the Holidays are just past. Actually we are very, very well.

This time of year is something like an abbreviated end of summer. Every summer I experience an exacerbation, due to the extended period of heat, both outdoors and inside at work. The physical plant at the paper is so very old, a real patchwork of chewing gum, spit and baling wire. (Like it? I got it from an old episode of Air Wolf...)

The Winter Holidays, on the other hand, are a very quick course on how to screw ourselves up through stress. No matter how we plan and pare back, Christmas leaves me with numbness in the legs and that weird feeling at the back of my neck and shoulders. (There's a special name for that reaction, but I can't recall.)

But. Last weekend afforded me two days off. I worked New Year's Eve then took Christmas and New Years over the next two days. I am working both yesterday and today and then another weekend off. Frankly, I don't know how people survive working swing shifts!

(The Punchline?) The real reason I haven't posted is because I am busy playing Final Fantasy XII, and have been trying to crack the Great Crystal at Giruvegan.

Okay, there. I've admitted it. There was no real reason, except that swear I am not a game geek.

Tell that to poor Husband RJ, who got conscripted into a huge battle with a major boss (Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts), because there was too much going on for me to watch my Health Points, Magic Points, Status Effects and those of the enemy at the same time. When we won, he got the first spontaneous kiss in a very long time...

Well, you asked.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

There is a country song about 'Shift work' ... I like it.

as for stress ... what stress ... I don't see no stress! Where is my damned COFFEE!


**Drops phone while dialing the New York National Guard to alert them the "search" is called off**

Well, thank you Baby Jesus (and I'm not even a religious person)! I'm VERY glad you simply have a gaming addiction versus illness. work here is complete...LMAO

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...

I am such a flake. It took going to someone else's computer to realize just how behind I am in all my blogging. My template is still showing some very old URL's. Linda D.'s new URL is now set into all links.

Sorry Linda, it takes longer for some flakes. Like me.