Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My own collection of links...

First off, go visit my BlogBro Norm.

There, watch the video. Now run that in the popup for background music, while I regale you with my latest. And no, it's not all about MS. What with the heat wave, bills, and dirty house, I've enough of symptoms to remind me of MS every minute. Let's move on:

Before it got so danged hot, I took the HuggaMutt to the river to visit with the fishermen. You see, the usual haunts were overrun with visitors to RiverFest.

It was lovely the first few times.

Then the heat wave began to lower the levels, so we went down to the shady Newtown Creek area, and got all nasty, stinky, and buggy.

Finally the heat drove us all indoors. Little Snugglebums was returned to MammaDog and I've been inside, cleaning and waiting for contractors to show.

Lately, every spare minute goes to finishing my book. I would love to tell you that I'm winding it up with a bang, but life is never thus. There is a huge battle for you fans of gratuitous violence. For you fans of gratuituous other stuff, wait for the next chapter.

What? What??? Surely you know I mean over-eating and -drinking... Heh-heh. You'll just have to wait for that chapter, then, won't you?

Good thing my fingers still work. Some of our fellow MSers are having tough times. I know what's she's going through. My very first major attack included it. Right now all the difficulty seems concentrated in my legs, so no hiking for a few. Poor River will miss me.

That's what it gets for being so stinky.

Little Pond



You've got it HOT and we've got it frickin' cold...snowing in our low mountains now. IN JUNE!

I'll go outside and fan some of this cold front YOUR direction.

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...

Ahh, feels great. Wish I could visit. I'll bet it's beautiful. And so very temporary.

Denver Refashionista said...

Glad to see you writing again.