Saturday, June 21, 2008

This is getting ridiculous!

After a lifelong love affair with chocolate, we have come to a definitive parting of ways. This winter I had a nasty bug that made me vomit for hours. It seemed coincidental that the worst occurred right after a snack of chocolate pudding.

I responded by following a detox diet for the last three months. Recently, I have been reintroducing meat and sweets, one by one. Chocolate was the latest, just this week.

I finished lunch yesterday with a lovely little sundae cup, mint chocolate-chip. By the time I prepped for work, everything smelled funny. I wondered if maybe our drains were backing up, but nothing seemed wrong.

Went to work, and didn't feel great, but didn't feel sick. Couldn't regulate my body heat, and even had that odd feeling of warmth, but with clammy cheeks. (The ones on my face...)

I ate at lunch break, but began to wonder if my choice of food was all wrong, because it wasn't at all enjoyable. If It weren't for being at work, I wouldn't have eaten at all. Gotta have fuel, though, to make it to midnight.

Put the first edition to bed. Stood up to stretch. Walked straight into the men's room, because that's the only one on our side of the building. And tossed my cookies until my gut felt empty.

Went back to work a little puzzled. Left my seat to speak briefly with an editor. I felt queasy after I returned to my seat.

Shipped the replates for the second edition. Jumped up and ran again to the men's room. And tossed my cookies until my gut felt empty.

At that point I felt much better, although my eyes were streaming and I was damp with sweat. I worked right up to quitting time, just to keep from rushing to the men's room.

Got home all right, but couldn't sleep well for hours.

The whole episode was rather similar to the other chocolate-hurling in February.

Damn. Just when I had convince myself that I could go back to (just a little) chocolate.

Little Pond


Denver Refashionista said...

That really sucks but on the upside, you are really listening to your body so you will find a way that works for you. I too have to be careful about what I eat. I have had to cut back the dairy and I am a dairy junkie...

pb said...

Dairy was one of the worst offenders for me, until I began to get serious about using Lactaid. Now it's only Lactaid milk, and a "dairy digestive" with cheeses and (alas!) chocolate.

It helps somewhat, but I, too, have had to cut back on the dairy, probably by at least half.

Is there a ChocoAid?

mdmhvonpa said...

Oh poo ... develop a reaction to Vitamin Chocolate!? So, oh so, sorry.


Sounds like a definite allergy to me...kind of like the allergy I have to "work". Makes me want to hurl my toast sometimes, too. LOL

guess Godiva is off YOUR Christmas list...

Linda D. in Seattle