Monday, August 18, 2008

who I visit these days

A rundown of my "Mediblogs" bookmarks right now: the same name lightning (as in Pennsyltucky) name crazy chick name name life name

And that's just the MS blogs. Furthermore, I have a tendency to follow links I find on these blogs. Lastly, the blogs on the sidebar, some of which are the same, are the ones I follow when I go to work, during my breaks.

Some of you are old friends; a few are new. I would also like to point out that I lost touch with a number of people when we changed computers ( at least twice). Never quite got the hang of transferring to a new machine.

And that doesn't touch on what I consider daily blogs and blog relatives.

It's a wonder I ever clean my house...

Little Pond



Thanks for highlighting some of your regular reads. Kelly is new to me and I really like her blog, although it's sorry to see yet another MSer on board.

I invite you to read Brass and Ivory and to participate in the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

It's nice to hear that your allergies are improved.


Kelly Siobhan said...

What a wonderful collection of blogs to read, thank you for sharing these links and also for including me. I am learning so much from fellow MSers and its really lovely feeling understood by people who have been through the same thing. :)


Well, I guess it beats reading porn. Then again, isn't that White Lightening guy a porn writer?!? (**ducking the punch from Pennsyltucky**)

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...


His entries just get a little racy.

C'mon, admit it. That's why you read him, right?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your continued support and visits. I'm glad you are feeling better (allergies)


Denver Refashionista said...

Yeah, I barely clean anymore because I'm always adding new blogs too and I can barely keep up with all the reading and writing (lol)

Miss Chris said...

Thanks for including my blog in your reads. I like that you posted all those blogs so I know some new ones to check out.

pb said...

The point is that there are times when I haven't the mental energy to post my own thoughts.

I get some of that energy back by visiting with these friends.

Eventually I return to writing my own.

I guess it's just my way of saying, "Thank you all!"

Merelyme said...

Hello there...

Just going around visiting today. Hey I know all those people! There are some really fantastic MS bloggers out there for sure.

Nice to meet you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

pb said...

That's right, but I'm coming back to blog again soon.

BTW. Merely me has her own MS blog

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