Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Spread the word.

Being thin and staying thin is bad for us.

Today I learned that from my NP at the Women's Health Center.

My bone scan shows more loss: despite the exercise, increased calcium and vitamin D.

Thinness is a risk factor in osteoporosis. And those of us who need steroids are going to suffer more, anyway.

See. My fat is my friend.

Let's have another dish of Friendly's Rich and Creamy, Purely Pistachio.

Little Pond


Miss Chris said...

I'm small-boned so it looks like osteoporosis is in my future... I get a lot of calcium though.


Here, here! Let's toast to ah...OK, maybe that's taking it a bit far. :-( So, what you are saying is, if I don't die from cardiovascular problems, adult onset diabetes, or increased risk of certain cancers from my obesity, I certainly WON'T die from fractured hips due to osteoporosis?!? Now THERE'S a spin on it.

Linda D. in Seattle

Denver Refashionista said...

I didn't know that thinness can be a problem. My mom has osteoporosis but I'm optomistic that I'll be ok due to a life of excercise. I hope I'm right because I keep losing weight without meaning to.

pb said...

I don't know what it means. The NP was adamant: women who are heavier are at less risk for osteoporosis.

The density was better in lower back and hips, maybe due to all the walking, I guess.

She didn't suggest I work the upper body, though. Heavens, it's all I can do to get in the walking. I need a nap directly afterwards...