Thursday, December 11, 2008

An awful shock.

We had weathered last week's Night of the Long Knives. I was on vacation and sent worried emails on Friday. Turns out the day had been Wednesday.

We were all sort of silently rejoicing by Friday that we were safe (this time around).

We were wrong.

Yesterday a coworker in our department was handed his hat when he arrived to work. The ladies in our department were in tears. That did not include me. I was too furious to even cry over his bewildered expression.

This happened because he wasn't here the day they handed out pink slips last week. The people in Binghamton were too lazy to return (way, way, way out here, a whole 40 minutes away!) the next day to inform him properly.

Too involved in their own stupid selves to properly handle the termination. So a working man had the entire weekend through Wednesday to believe that he would have a decent Christmas, after all...

"Human resources" just doesn't get it. God damn them to Hell forever and a year.

Little Pond


pb said...

Wow. I got so upset, I didn't even mention that I've been too stressed out to really do any thinking, let alone real ms blogging.

So, I guess I should mention that I have an unremitting headache that starts at the back of the neck, and the electrical response when I drop my chin down.

I won't mention the droopy left foot that keeps tripping me.

Kelly Siobhan said...

:( How very sad, and right before Christmas! I am sorry you have been so stressed lately. I hope you feel better soon. I get the electrical spine zap when I lower my chin too, its very bothersome. I really hope things start looking up for you soon. A cup of tea and a nap seem to do wonders when all else fails. Feel better. :)

pb said...

Electrical Spine Zap sure seems like the best description yet, although the feelin spreads across my shoulders, too.

Good to have others who know what I am talking about.