Thursday, December 11, 2008

Forget my other posts. UPDATE

Please go here and read a fellow mser's troubles. They are not uncommon to many people with ms.

Please read her posts and offer her prayers, direction, if you have it, and help, if you can.

She is struggling mightily, but the situation is dire.

We have a response! See below: if anyone else can follow suit, it would be great.


Miss Chris said...

I just read her blog and left a comment as to how long after the expiration date is Copaxone still good, because I have some in my fridge since I've been off it for over a year. It's a year old but I don't know if she can use it. If so I'd send it to her in a heartbeat. Do you know?

pb said...

My current supply is showing an expiration date in 2010, so yes! Good for two years.

Remember to ship in a heat-proof container like the original styrofoam.

Miss Chris said...

Well... it expired a year ago this month so it's 12 months past the date on the box. DO you think it would still be okay?

pb said...

I hope to get another opinion soon from Brain Cheese.

Do you have any idea how to contact Sherry? There's nothing on the site I can see. And I wonder if she's still able to blog. That last post about her husband sending a box for his computer worries me.



Sent you an email. I wouldn't recommend contacting Teva Neuroscience as they WILL tell you flat out NOT to recommend using an expired medication. They must say that. Both based upon FDA rules AND quite possibly the desire to SELL more drugs.

Sherry SHOULD contact them, however, as well as her neuro and her local MS Society Chapter. They have "resources" that are quietly providing assistance with medication costs. Neuro's often have patients that stop a medication to start a new one and "surrender" the old prescription to the neurologist...hint, hint. Screw Montel Williams and his pharmacy bus...I've not known anyone to benefit from that!

Hope this helps.

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...

Ms.Chris, please contact me at

patbaker("at" sign)

Denver Refashionista said...

You have reminded me of what's important.