Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's awfully cold.

But we are making the best of it.

The chest cold has abated and we bundle up to ridiculous levels. Cabin fever trumps chest cold any day.

Ellie was game for a trip to Foster Island.

And the RiverHag walked right down the middle of the Chemung.

Little Pond



Now THAT'S frickin' cold!! (I clicked over and looked at the pictures)

No more complaining about 32 degree temps from my neck of the woods...

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...

Kid, the overnights are even colder. We drop into the teens below 0(F) [that's the 20's Celsius for our Canadian readers, who know only too well what that feels like these days].

Last week our daytime temps hovered there in the mornings. We are out this week because it is now warmer. Mind you, no tracks anywhere near the river, showing children had been there. The levee was the limit. I know that I certainly wouldn't allow my kids near the river in this weather.