Monday, February 09, 2009

Surviving the winter (now that it's sunny)

(If you've got sunshine, here are your marching orders: Get Out!!! See our comment thread.)

That's what it's all about right now. I am forcing myself to eat lots of fruit and veggies, or drink them, if I can't.

That means no fresh fruit for me except melons. The acidity is too hard on my stomach, which is already addicted to Prilosec. As for vegetables, they are mostly cooked or in my V8 drink at work. The occasional warm spinach salad works for me, too:

Baby leaf spinach
Green onions
Olives (I prefer black)
Bacon sprinkles (hot turky bacon preferred)

The above should be washed and dried, but not heated. The heated part is the dressing.

Honey mustard dressing mixed with
Sprinkle cheese (Crumbled feta, parmesan, bleue,
votre preference)

I don't like it sweet, so I cut it with olive oil, or a little dijon-style
mustard. This mixture goes into the micro for 30 secs., then poured over
the salad.

Don't forget the cracked pepper, but skip the salt. Too much in
cheese as it is.

My favorite winter salad. Forget the low calorie with this; it's comfort food.

And lately, I've begun to reintroduce dried fruit, such as dates and raisins. Eaten only in very sparing amounts, again due to the wimpy stomach situation.

And all of this is forced, because I really just want lots of comfort foods in the winter, including a dish of pistachio ice cream once in a while. When I'm miserably chilled, I substitute pistachio pudding instead.

Needless to say, the middle-age spread is my constant companion, despite tons of walking with the HuggaMutt, and incessant worrying over tight clothes.

Damn that Punxsutawney Phil.

Little Pond


Miss Chris said...

Oh boy do I appreciate the mid winters I have. I don't know how people are handling this super cold winter.


Can't we blame something like a ground hog for middle aged pudge?!? I need a target...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Conquer MS said...

Seems like winter is when my MS symptoms act up the worst, could there me a mind body connection here? I'm a new MS blogger and I believe we haven't met. You'll find me at

pb said...

Miss Chris, we are doing what Nature intended us to do: hunkering down in dark, warm caves, and waiting for better weather before we venture out. Nicer stuff today out here, so I'm taking Ellie to the levee.

Linda D. you can only blame the groundhog if you've been including them in your diet. Beware: you could windup looking like the HuggaMutt.

Robert, I believe it is more likely that the light levels and temperature extremes are to blame. Remember that the heaviest incidence of MS occurs in latitudes farthest away from the equator.

And be very wary of blaming mental attitude! That caused misdiagnoses during the younger, crucial years of my life. It's a blame the victim mentality, and I will not tolerate it on my blog.