Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"It just exploded!"

I'm back from Walmart, ready to replace the shower head.

This morning, Husband RJ came downstairs mumbling about the shower head, how it was spraying all over the place.  I had just "repaired" it with electrical tape, hoping to delay a trip out for a new one.

While not exactly admitting to damaging the thing, he did say he dropped it onto the side of the bathtub at one time.  The attachement was cracked right at the coupling to the hose.

No problem,  I simply taped it securely, making it useful until we could get to Walmart for a new one.

So why is this posted to the MS Companion?

Well, I forgot.

I forgot that as an MSer, I shower in only slightly warm water.  Many women I know will also shower in slightly warm water.  Just warm enough to be comfortable.  The head gave me no problem.

I forgot that Husband RJ fills the entire upstairs with fog when he showers.

He apparently turned the hot on fully, then adjusted the temperature with the cold water.  Then he pulled the diverter.  Apparently the shower head lifted itself out of its fixture and exploded on its way down to the floor of the tub!  The remaining hose snaked and swirled all over the stall, squirting in every direction.

God I wish I had been there to see it all!

Little Pond


Have Myelin? said...

=) Guess he washed down the bathroom! LOL.

pb said...

Nah. We have glass doors. He just got totally annoyed, all muttery and mumbling about exploding shower heads. It is now repaired, this time with a very inexpensive hand-held head. At least now I understand why they don't last very long.