Monday, March 19, 2012

Tomorrow is the First Day of Spring

...and I am already up to, and beyond, my full dosage of antihistamines.  All the trees are budding, and some are beginning to bloom.

Just about one month ahead of schedule.  Not to pee on anyone's parade, but fellow allergic people know why I am not pleased.  Usually I start with tree season, including "non-allergenic" ones, such as the evergreens.  Then I move into the early blossoms and their pollen.  This is followed by hayfever season, then ragweed, and finally the dust, mold and everything else of late summer/early autumn.

When I look in the mirror--which I rarely do--I see dark circles around my eyes.  Something like Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.  And all I hear in my plugged ears is constant tinnitus.

My morning yoga, begun flat on my back on the bed, is now accompanied by choking on my own phlegm.  And nearly every time I stand up from sitting, I can expect light-headedness.

Husband RJ, a smoker, is complaining of runny nose and sneezing, so I know I'm not alone.

You know the pollen maps on the Weather Channel website?

I won't even go there.

Little Pond

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