Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Living with MS

Well, it's a bit like bird watching with a dog.  I can get close to the real thing, but am never able to finish what I want to do.

In this case, both the MS and the dog would not allow me to get a clean shot of the ever-elusive Green Heron of Foster Island.

We came slowly around the island--quiet--oh so quietly.  Ellie was being a little angel, just sort of moseying a tad to the left and ahead of me.  I heard the strange, almost metallic call of the critter, and I sited it immediately.

I began to take quickly successive shots, but the little fellow didn't care for me.  It pulled up and away, so I dropped the camera pod and tried to zoom in.

The little stinker remained just beyond the range of the optical zoom.  Luckily, our Canon has a digital zoom also; unfortunately, the images stabilizer does not work in that mode.  Still I kept snapping away, shaky hands and all.

Until I noticed that Ellie had gone missing.  I could hear snorting and frantic digging.  She had gotten down to the concave bank, and was working manfully to dig her way to a muskrat.

No dice, Baby Dog.  I jumped down to the bank and grabbed her by the collar and yanked her back into the sunshine.  Then came the ridiculously laborious trek up the three foot bank. 

Not even my reinforced camera pod to help.  And a very unwilling and frantically scurrying RiverDog to pull me back to the muskrat burrow. 

All for the enjoyment of three teenagers sitting in a nearby pavillion.  One even had to stop laughing to pee behind a recycling bin.

Well, I did get one almost decent shot, but only I would know that it was a green heron.

Little Pond


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